Energy Cost Savings – Reducing Energy Consumption through Modifications to Building Operation or Retrofit.


Wojcieszak & Associates, Inc. offers consulting services beyond the typical Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design for new constrcution.  With increasing energy costs, improving the efficiency of existing buildings has become a high priority.  Wojcieszak & Associates, Inc. can help develop a plan for owners to reduce electric, fuel and maintenancel costs.  Many strategies are based on how buildings are actually operated.  Educating building managers on ways to effectively operate the air conditioning systems and electrical systems is key to streamlining and optimizing the allocation of resources.  Conserving too much energy can have serious negative impacts, so it is important to work within limitations to find a balance between energy savings, occupant comfort, security and building health. 


Sometimes, changes in the building operation is not enough to generate cost savings.  Therefore, retrofits may be necessary.  Wojcieszak & Associates, Inc. has helped many clients determine the feasibility of different retrofit options.  Wojcieszak & Associates, Inc. believes in educating its clients.  Time is spent explaining the available options and outlinging the pros and cons of each so that the client is able to make informed decisions.  The result is a solution that matches the client’s long and short term goals.