Wojcieszak & Associates, Inc. has made their Tid-Bits of information available to you.  We hope that you find them useful in your everyday work.


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TID-BIT #1       -        PIPING

                                  Did you know… that Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 pipes have the same outside diameter?


TID-BIT #2       -        PIPING

                                  Did you know… that not all Schedule 80 CPVC piping can be used for hot water?


TID-BIT #3       -        THERMOSTATS

                                  Did you know… that the fan setting on a thermostat can affect the humidity?


TID-BIT #4       -        A/C NOISE

                                  Did you know… that some air conditioners do not have to be noisy when they start or stop?



                                  Did you know… that there are many ways to run a building more efficiently?